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#86 Ace Hoffman - California is closing nuclear power plants and plans to move the nuclear waste around

Ace Hoffman returns to talk about nuclear plants closing in California
Nuclear waste canisters are like egg shells by proportion,
having 5/8th of an inch thick steel outer layer

His self-published book is available on his website in several resolutions,
along with some videos and reports, and links to older essays

Ace Hoffman website
The Letter - Regarding Nuclear Regulatory Commission Docket ID NRC-2019-0073
What is spent nuclear fuel neutralization and why is it the best solution
Ace Hoffman author of The Code Killers - An Expose of the Nuclear Industry - Free download
Ace Hoffman on YouTube
A computer programmer for 35 years, many products can be seen on-line

Ace Hoffman on Twitter

#85 Kumar Sundaram -

Kumar Sundaram is a weapons proliferation, and nuclear industry researcher who founded

Canada, India, Pakistan and how corporations drive that arms race. The Candu, Regulatory Capture and SNC-Lavalin

The webpage
article Jaitapur Nuclear Project - NDA Govt in Last Ditch Push for Another Dreadful French Deal
article Indias Immodest Nuclear Quest

Dennis Riches wesite
Sayanara Nukes - Dennis Riches - Available on Amazon

DiaNuke on Facebook
DiaNuke on Twitter

#84 L.A. Comedian Blake Wexler Returns

Blake's comedy albums - The Blake Album and 12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to Blake Wexler and recently Stuffed Boy Find them on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or

Blake Wexler webpage
Blake Wexler albums
You Tube - Blakeing News


#83 Jean Giroux - At The Heart Of Current Affairs - Psychology, Philosophy, And Politics

Jean Giroux first studied conventional psychology at the U of T
and continues now at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Fransisco

We talk about Psychology, Trump, OCD, forms of therapy,
Dr Jordan Peterson and the recent loss of comedian Steven Brody Stevens

Jordan Peterson - Debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

The Coddling of the American Mind - How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure
Referencing Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff's Book

Jean Giroux on Twitter

#82 Arnie Gundersen and Maggie Gundersen - Nuclear is not an option

Arnie is a former nuclear industry executive, and engineer with more than
44 years of nuclear industry experience who became a whistleblower in 1990.
Gundersen was a licensed Critical Facility Reactor Operator in the 70s

Fukushima, Santa Anna, Three Mile Island, Politics, Regulators and the Fall-Out

Fairewinds Website
On Facebook
On Twitter
Email Fairewinds

McGill University in Montreal - CO2 Smokescreen

Northwestern in Chicago - Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

1500-word Truthout article - Nuclear Power Is Not Green Energy

Fairewinds staff developed a two minute animation
in English, Japanese, German, and French - Smokescreen Animation

San Francisco in a “TED-like” format. The other speaker was
Erin Brockovich - Fukushima presentation

Arnie Gundersen - Curriculum vitae

Videos, and reports, including our reports and analysis of the disaster at
Three Mile Island Disaster, are all searchable on the Fairewinds Energy Education website.

We will be in Atlanta for a screening of Power Lines, the Plant Vogtle film on
March 9 & 10, as well as to talk about Fukushima now. At the end of March,
Arnie will be giving a keynote for several events commemorating the events at
Three Mile Island in Harrisburg and at Penn State.

#81 The San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant

From social media 1CaptD speaks at and has assembled research for
presentations on nuclear in California

We talk about the near miss at San Onofre nuclear power plant in California
and its closure

Ideologist and nuclear safety educator who helped get San Onofre nuclear reactor

San Onofre and nuclear waste
For info about San Onofre
NRC emails just after Fukushima
Tube plugged chart

CaptD on Twitter

#80 Comedian Aaron Berg

Aaron berg is an author, broadcaster, actor and stand-up comedian
Aaron berg and Gino Bisconte host the Podcast IN HOT WATER
on Compound media - -

Arron Berg webpage
Arron Berg books and albums

Aaron Berg on Instagram
Aaron Berg on Facebook
Aaron Berg on Twitter

In Hot Water You Tube Page
In Hot Water on Compound Media

Aaron Berg. Vs. Jess Beaulieu - YouTube

#79 Orange Sherbet

Press Review with

Dave Archer in Toronto and
Alex Sharp in Markham Ontario

#78 Peaches

Press Review with

Dave Archer in Toronto and
Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#77 Alternative Facts

Press Review

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#76 Trumpertantrum

Press Review

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Temporary Relief Assistant Co-Host Alex Sharp in Markham Ontario

#75 Kelly and Mattis Take A Christmas Vacation

Press Review

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#74 Agent Orange

Press Review

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#73 Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#72 Towergate

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#71 Trump Pardons Turkey

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#70 Trexit

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#69 The Temporary Relief Acting Assistant Attorney General

An oil spill, some politics, a bunch of news and how to make a proper Carbonara

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#68 U.S. Midterms

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#67 Dr Evil

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#66 Strong with the meek and meek with the strong

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#65 Bread And Circuses

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#64 Bart Kavanaugh

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#63 Don Of The Planet Of The Trumps

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#62 A Feckless Tornado

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#61 The Notwithstanding Trump Clause

Kevin Webber with
Host Dave Archer in Toronto
and Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#60 Truth Is Not Truth

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#59 All The President's Comrades

Host Dave Archer in Toronto
Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#58 Something is Happening To Trump's Hair

Host Dave Archer
Guest Kevin Webber
With Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#57 The Trumps Go On Vacation

With Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#56 Alex Jones R.I.P.

With Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#55 Heat Wave

With Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#54 The Nanny State

With Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#53 Ford Trudeau Trump and Putin

Co-Host Ian Stolberg in Ottawa

#52 Ace Hoffman - California and its nuclear problem

Ace Hoffman joins us for an update from California.
Nuclear power, nuclear waste and public hearings.
Read his book on nuclear power for free or buy a hard copy
The Code Killers -

Ace Hoffman is a software developer with ~35 years experience.
He creates educational software for adults.
Several products are available at his web site

His book on nuclear power, titled The Code Killers - Web Site
The last ten years of his blog is available here
Earlier blog entries are also available here
His most widely-distributed essay is probably this one, on the effects of nuclear weapons
Ace Hoffman YouTube Channel
Email Ace Hoffman
Ace Hoffman on Twitter

Also, some free educational software is available through Google Play and iTunes

Digital Slide Rule - a digital version of a slide rule.
Includes a working nuclear bomb effects computer

Pavlov's Dog - a digital simulation of a famous psychology experiment

And one game, a free digital "spinner" - available for mobile devices

#51 Louis Bertrand P.Eng speaks about the Pickering nuclear power plant

Louis Bertrand is a long time resident of Durham Region, east of Toronto, home to 9 currently working CANDU reactors. His background is electrical engineering, specializing in electronics and firmware, the software that makes electronic devices their smarts, but he also took a career side trip in Information Technology, dealing with Unix system administration and cybersecurity. He currently is a full time professor in the School of Science and Engineering Technology at Durham College, in Oshawa. He will be presenting as an intervenor at the public hearings for the Pickering nuclear station re-licensing application.

Pickering CNSC public hearing agenda
Written submissions for download
Webcast of Live hearings - Week of June 25th
Location of hearings
Louis Bertrand on Facebook
Louis Bertrand on Twitter

Tuesday is Rally Day!
12:30-1:30 approximately. Whenever the lunch break is called for by Mr. Binder,
head of the hearing tribunal
Facebook event page

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance promotes safer and cleaner alternatives to generation by fission or by combustion. They have commissioned studies into the effects of a Fukushima scale accident at the Pickering site, as well as studies challenging the accepted notions about nuclear power in Ontario.
The Ontario Clean Air Alliance website

Dr. Nancy Leveson has studied software safety and proposes an approach informed by system science to analyze the root causes of accidents, and hopefully prevent them. Of particular interest is her analysis of the fatal overdoses by the Therac-25, a radiation therapy machine produced in the 1980s by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL). Even if you don’t follow the details of the software flaws, the story is quite dramatic. This was a wake-up call to the medical industry that software safety cannot be analyzed the same as hardware - scroll to the bottom of the page and look for The Therac-25 Accidents. The other popular paper is “High Pressure Steam Engines and Computer Software”, making the point that technology often moves ahead faster than scientific understanding, and bad things happen.

Dr. John Downer
Disowning Fukushima Managing the credibility of nuclear reliability assessment in the wake of disaster

Dr. John Downer
In the Shadow of Tomioka On the institutional invisibility of nuclear disaster

Charles Perrow made a career of explaining why catastrophic accidents like airliner crashes and nuclear plant meltdowns should be considered normal. The following two articles in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are a harsh look at the denial surrounding Fukushima and the nuclear industry in general
Nuclear denial - From Hiroshima to Fukushima
Fukushima and the inevitability of accidents

Email Louis Bertrand -

#50 Dennis Riches Returns

#49 Joe Mangano MPH MBA - Radiation and Public Health Project

What do baby teeth tell us about living near nuclear power plants?
Joe is a health researcher who has served Radiation and Public Health Project
since 1989. Mangano is author or co-author of 33 medical journal articles
on radiation health.

His Books:
Low Level Radiation and Immune System Damage: An Atomic Era Legacy
Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link
Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment

Radiation and Public Health Project website
RPHP Journals
RPHP on FaceBook
RPHP on Twitter

#48 LA Comedian Blake Wexler

Comedian and writer - Comedy Central - The Cracked Podcast - The Todd Glass Show - ABC
Albums on iTunes - The Blake Album and 12 Years Of Voicemails From Todd Glass To Blake Wexler.
Philadelphia Magazine named him as one of the country's funniest tweeters Follow @BlakeWexler

Blake has appeared on the College Humor Live Tour, in The Rooftop Aspen Comedy Festival,
Seattle International Comedy Competition, San Francisco Sketch Fest, and the Laughing Skull
Comedy Festival - Also on Comedy Central's the Review and ABC's Watch Party

Blake Wexler website
The Blake Album - iTunes
12 Years Of Voicemails From Todd Glass To Blake Wexler - iTunes
Blake Wexler on Facebook
Blake Wexler on Twitter

#47 Toronto Comedian Shawn Hitchins

Best known for sparking the global wave of Ginger Pride by marching hundreds of redheads
through the streets of Edinburgh, Shawn Hitchins is an award-winning entertainer
who has toured throughout Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.
Winner of the 2018 Bronze, IPPY Authors Award For Humour

Shawn Hitchins website
His book - A Brief History of Oversharing
Shawn Hitchins on Facebook
Shawn Hitchins on Twitter

#46 Todd Glass Returns

#45 Northwatch - Brennain Lloyd

Why is Ontario nuclear expensive? - This week we talk to Brennain Lloyd,
Northwatch Project Coordinator -
Northwatch is a member of MiningWatch Canada, Nuclear Waste Watch,
and the Ontario Environment Network.
Northwatch was founded in 1988

Northwatch web site
Northwatch Facebook page
Northwatch on Twitter

#44 Chris Hacker chats about Buddhism and living in Thailand

Is Thailand far enough away from Trump?

#43 Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness vs The Pickering Atomic Power Plant

Activist Janet McNeill gives an update as the date approaches for public hearings
that seek to keep Pickering Nuclear Power Plant open during the rebuild of Darlington,
yet another multi reactor plant, right at the doorstep of Canada's largest city.
Janet McNeill is the co-ordinator for Durham Nuclear Awareness

DNA Web site
CNSC information about the Pickering re-licensing hearing
Don't Nuke Toronto - GreenPeace
Chart of 211 Radioactive Poisons in 10-Year Old CANDU Spent Fuel - CCNR
What you need to KLnow about Pickering - Greenpeace Q and A
Ontario Clean Air Alliance - OCAA - Close Pickering campaign
Want KI pills? Learn about them here
Order them here
CNSC Hearings Index
BriarPatch Magazine - Follow the yellowcake road by D’Arcy Hande
DNA Facebook page
DNA on Twitter

#42 Kevin Kamps - Beyond Nuclear International - Bailouts and bankruptcy while hiding more atomic waste

Kevin Kamps joins us from New Mexico opposing The Holtec centralized interim storage
facility CISF - A parking lot for spent fuel

Kevin Kamps has served as Radioactive Waste Specialist at Beyond Nuclear since 2007.
Before that, he served in the same role for Nuclear Information and Resource Service
(NIRS) since 1999. Kevin has also served as a board member of Don't Waste Michigan,
representing his home town Kalamazoo chapter, since 1993. Likewise, he has served on
the Nuclear-Free/Green Energy Great Lakes Task Force for more than two decades.

Beyond Nuclear
Beyond Nuclear Fact Sheets
Kevin Kamps on Sputnik International -Loud and Clear- radio show, every Wednesday
CISF Updates on the permanent surface storage "parking lot dump targeted at New Mexico
High risks of shipping irradiated nuclear fuel, by train, truck, and/or barge, through 44 states
Bailout of 80 coal and nuclear plants in 13 states and in DC - Costing $8 billion per year
Another money grab by FirstEnergy
How $9 billion of ratepayer money wasted in South Carolina where two reactors were cancelled
Write your own submission to NRC in opposition to The Holtec CISF in NM
Groups call for Oyster Creek reactor to be "autopsied" after closure
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump
Beyond Nuclear on Twitter
Beyond Nuclear International on Twitter

#41 Zach Ruiter speaks about The Toronto BWXT Uranium Pellet Plant in the Annex - Forest Hill

Writer and interviewer Zach Ruiter is an accomplished anti-nuclear activist and most recently
was the co-organizer of the campaign to shut down the uranium processing facility in
Toronto at Dupont and Lansdowne. We chat about Oil pipelines, Issues confronting our
Indigenous people, nuclear and activists

WMDs in the west end of Toronto?
Are we headed for near-term human extinction?
Did you know - Uranium processing factory at Lansdowne and Dupont in Toronto?
GE - Toronto's Uranium Secret - 1025 Landsdowne Ave! video
Global Nuclear Shutdown Announcement - GE's Uranium Secret in Toronto video
Land Defender Carrie Lester (RIP) anti-uranium video
Zach Ruiter on Twitter

#40 Dr Jim Deutsch chats about the Uranium pellet plant in the middle of Toronto

We talk this week about activism, Too Much Information and a uranium pellet factory
at Dupont and Lansdowne in Toronto.

Dr Jim Deutsch received his AB in analytical biology at Columbia, PhD in biochemistry
at Caltech, and MD at Yale. He is on the faculty of the Dept. of Psychiatry at the
University of Toronto and at the Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute.

He is interested in the challenges of understanding “the causes of the causes” of things.

Dr. Jim Deutsch Corrects GE's Uranium Secrets
Zach Ruiter on Toronto's nuclear problem
Chart of 211 Radioactive Poisons in 10-Year Old CANDU Spent Fuel
Deep-sixing the Deep Geological Nuclear Waste Repository
Chernobyl - Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment
by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, Alexey V. Nesterenko, Janette D. Sherman-Nevinger
Op-ed Articles
Toronto Star Op-ed
Toronto Star Op-ed
Dr James Deutsch on Twitter

#39 Shawn-Patrick Stensil - Greenpeace Canada

Shawn-Patrick Stensil is a Senior Energy Strategist leading Greenpeace Canada's
energy transition campaign in Ontario. His work aims to remove regulatory barriers
to renewable energy and expose the nuclear subsidies and sweetheart deals that stand
in the way of Ontario’s energy transition. He is a frequent media commentator on
nuclear and green energy issues and testifies regularly on nuclear policy and
regulatory issues to Parliamentary committees and government agencies, such as
the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Shawn-Patrick also works as a Radiation
Protection Advisor for Greenpeace International and has participated in radiation
monitoring work at Chernobyl, Fukushima. In 2009, he was named Best Environmental
Activist by Toronto's Now Magazine. He has contributed to numerous Greenpeace
International reports and co-authored a 2013 report with the Pembina Institute entitled
Renewable is Doable: Affordable and flexible options for Ontario’s long term energy plan

Greenpeace Canada

If you're want to join the fight to close reactors in the GTA, join Don't Nuke TO

If you want to speak out at the against Pickering sign up here

A volunteer produced video exposing Pickering's proximity to Toronto

Resources and fact sheets

Shawn-Patrick on Twitter

#38 Harvey Wasserman - Solartopia

In 1973 Harvey Wasserman helped pioneer the global grass-roots movement
against atomic reactors. Helped coin the phrase - No Nukes - in 1974.
He was a media spokesperson for the Clamshell Alliance and helped organize
mass demonstrations at Seabrook, N.H. against reactors being built there.
His articles also appear at Commondreams, CounterPunch, HuffingtonPost,
Buzzflash and others. Creator of
He hosts the Green Power & Wellness Show
Tuesdays at 5 EST on The Progressive Radio Network -

Solartopia Website
Harvey Wasserman Bio
Nuke Free Website
Green Power and Wellness Show - Tuesdays at 5 EST

#37 Dr Christopher Busby - Uranium and Plutonium Contamination

Professor author researcher activist and expert witness Dr Busby has been all over the world
sampling, measuring and testifying on radioactive contaminates in the environment.
Man made fission products attain direct contact with tissue once ingested, and damage can be
transferred to offspring.

Green Audit website
Baltic Sea Region Radioactivity Watch

Recent copper canister story
Copper canisters at Forsmark

Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment
Volume 1181 New York Academy of Sciences Alexey V Yablokov - Alexey V Nesterenko - Vassily B Nesterenko

Valentine and Busby Debate the risk model shortcomings

You Tube Collection of videos 1
You Tube Collection of videos 2
You Tube Collection of videos 3

#36 Richard Bramhall - Low Level Radiation Campaign - U.K.

Richard Bramhall, founder of LLRC UK an organization he founded in 1993
He describes nuclear issues in the U.K. Legal battles, Hinkley Point Nuclear Station etc
UK Nuclear Test veteran High Court appeal
Uranium in our environment, taking samples and making arguments

Low Level Radiation Campaign - Website
Effluent from the Bruce Nuclear incinerator - pdf
Pr. Chris Busby, ECRR, vs Dr. Jack Valentin , ICRP - Video
Richard Bramhall on Twitter

#35 Dr Michael J, Verbora - Canadian Cannabis, Medicine and New Laws

Dr Michael J. Verbora, MBA, MD, CCFP - CMC clinic in Toronto
Medical Director, Canabo Medical Corp.
Physician Lead, Toronto, Cannabinoid Medical Clinic

We chat about CBD and THC as alternatives. Cannabis legalization scheduled for July 2018
and Medical Marijuana policy in Canada under the laws MMPR and later ACMPR

CMC Clinic in Toronto
Evidence on cannabis - free PDF Download
US patent on health benefits
Licensed producers in Canada
Understanding ACMPR legislation
Dr Verbora on Twitter
Dr Verbora on Instagram

#34 Comedian David Feldman

Award winning Comedy writer David Feldman talks about the Trump era,
Republican talk radio, healthcare and the NRA's arms race

Host of The David Feldman Show and he also co-hosts
The Ralph Nader Radio Hour with Ralph Nader and Steve Skrovan
distributed via The Pacifica Radio Network.

David Feldman Website
The David Feldman Show - Webpage
The David Feldman Show - Podcast on iTunes
Feldman on Twitter

#33 Beyond Nuclear - Kevin Kamps Speaks About Radioactive Waste

Kevin Kamps has served as Radioactive Waste Specialist at Beyond Nuclear since 2007.
Before that, he served in the same role for Nuclear Information and Resource Service
- NIRS since 1999. Kevin has also served as a board member of Don't Waste Michigan,
representing his home town Kalamazoo chapter, since 1993. Likewise, he has served
on the Nuclear-Free/Green Energy Great Lakes Task Force for more than two decades.

Beyond Nuclear

Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research

Light Water Designs of Small Modular Reactors
By Dr. Arjun Makhijani

Beyond Nuclear on Twitter

#32 Toronto Comedian Matthew James Donovan

Matthew James Donovan joins me in studio for a chat about acting, comedy
surviving Canada, and hecklers

Improv Show
Hillary's Late Night Somewhat Improvised Murder Mystery at The Bad Dog Theatre

Matthew James Donovan website
The Hillaryooos website
Hillary's Late Night Somewhat Improvised Murder Mystery
Instagram Matt Donovan
Instagram Hillaryooos

#31 Ole Hendrickson PhD. Speaks about the Chalk River nuclear complex

Cold open by Candace Neveau and Interview with Dr. Ole Hendrickson of Concerned Citizens
of Renfrew County & Area. We talk about Chalk River, nuclear accidents and granting long term
licences to get around having to hold pesky public hearings. Ole has been a researcher with
Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area for 30 years

Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area

World Nuclear Industry Status Report
Good chapter comparing investments in nuclear and renewables

Ecology Ottawa blog post

Sierra Club Blog Post

E-petition 1450
Canadian citizens only

Google Site - Concerned Citizens of Renfrew County and Area


#30 Professor Daniel P Aldrich speaks about the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Daniel P Aldrich chats about surviving disasters, and Japan's nuclear program
Professor and Director of the Security and Resilience Studies Program,
Northeastern University

His Books

Building Resilience, Social Capital in Post-Disaster Recovery
Site Fights, Divisive Facilities and Civil Society in Japan and the West
Resilience and Recovery in Asian Disasters, Community Ties Market Mechanisms and Governance

Books available on Amazon
Masters in Science in Security and Resilience Studies
How Fukushima changed nuclear power plant policy in Japan
The mental health of evacuees from the Fukushima melt downs

FootNote - Hidehiko Nishiyama Infamous former NISA spokesman

#29 Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness

Activist Janet McNeill is in the studio for a chat about dealing with Canada's nuclear
regulators,The CNSC. Durham regional Health Committee, emergency planning, and
distribution of KI pills to 5 Million in the GTA

Current campaign - Chalk River nuclear dump proposal hearings: from Jan. 23rd to 25th
Janet McNeill - Durham Nuclear Awareness (DNA) Coordinator
DNA Web site
DNA on Twitter
DNA Facebook page

Pembroke Ontario - From Jan. 23 to 25 Hearings start Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 1 p.m. at the
Best Western Inn and Conference Centre, close to the intersection of Highway 17 and 41.
There are more than 80 interventions for the hearing, with two-thirds of them expressing
serious concerns. These are available online at CNSC Hearings Index

Chalk River links
Getting the Message Out
Groups opposed to new nuclear licence march in Ottawa
Insanity to allow nuclear waste disposal near Ottawa River, Indigenous groups say
Proposed radioactive waste disposal site in Chalk River raises concerns

Why Close Pickering? Short YouTube clips
Dr. Gordon Edwards
Dr. Cathy Vakil, MD
Dr. Ian Fairlie
Nuclear engineer Frank Greening
Weak Emergency Plans - Theresa McClenaghan, CELA
Residents Call for the closure of the Pickering nuclear station

DNA links
Radioactive Roads - This plan must be stopped
Pssssst. Secret health deal
Former nuke supporters go anti
Quotations on the causes of the Fukushima disaster
Nuclear Regulatory Capture, a Global Pattern

Radiation monitoring - Safe Cast bGeigie Nano

#28 Chris Rouse - New Clear Free Solutions

Chris Rouse lives near Point LePreau Nuclear Power Station. He explains
how the Carbon Tax can fuel renewables. Chris pushed for updated earthquake
risk assessment for nuclear plants and buildings in new Brunswick and is leading
a push for new ideas on the supply and demand sides of electric generation

New Clear Free Solutions - WordPress

Transitioning To A Low Carbon Economy
Carbon Tax and Investment Plan

When A Safety Limit is Exceeded Move the Safety Limit

Environment Ministers Urged to Invest Carbon Tax

Lazard - Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis Version 11

Levelilzed Cost and Levelized Avoided Cost

Chris Rouse on Twitter

#27 Christina Macpherson Speaks to us from Melbourne

#26 Kevin Webber - The New Year

Tranya from The Corbomite Maneuver, Trump and Galaxy Quest

An Article for further reading on the accident in Japan that foreshadowed
the Fukushima nuclear accident, mentioned in the previous episode of TMI

The Road to Fukushima Dai-ichi Part 1
The Signs Were There for All to See

#25 Professor Robert A Jacobs - Hiroshima City, Japan

TechnoPolitics explained, an update on nuclear hot spots in Japan, the U.S. and around the world
Robert A. Jacobs, Ph.D. Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Graduate Faculty of
International Studies, Hiroshima City University

The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem in the Early Anthropocene
The Asia-Pacific Journal Volume 13, Issue 29, No. 1 (July 20, 2015)

Nuclear Conquistadors: Military Colonialism in Nuclear Test Site Selection during the Cold War
Asian Journal of Peace-building Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2013): 157-177

Radiation as a Cultural Talisman: Nuclear Weapon Testing and American Popular Culture in the Early Cold War
The Culture and Conflict Review 6:2 (Summer 2012)

Hanford, not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast
Counterpunch (29 April 2016)

The Broken Maps of Fukushima
DiaNuke (9 March 2016)

On Forgetting Fukushima
The Asia-Pacific Journal Vol. 14, Issue 5, No. 1 (1 March 2016)

The Radiation That Makes People Invisible: A Global Hibakusha Perspective
Asia-Pacific Journal 12:13 (August 4, 2014)

Website - Books articles and contact information

Robert Jacobs on Twitter

#24 Jack Gibbons - Ontario Clean Air Alliance - Dirty Coal and Dangerous Nuclear

Recorded at the offices at Ontario Clean Air Alliance - Jack Gibbons fought Coal in Ontario.
Next is Ontario's risky and expensive nuclear power plants

The Ontario government is committed to re-building 10 ageing reactors at the
Darlington and Bruce Nuclear Stations and extending the life of the 46 year-old
Pickering Nuclear Station, locking us into high-cost, inflexible and dangerous
nuclear power for another 5 decades while the rest of the world goes renewable.
The good news is that we have lower cost, safer renewable options to meet our
electricity needs. For more info:

Ontario Clean Air Alliance main Webpage
Ontario: Electricity Options: A Cost Comparison Chart
Powering smart action on climate in Ontario Climate report
Close Pickering Petition
Buy Quebec Power Petition
Facebook page
No Nukes News Email newsletter
Youtube channel

#23 Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear

Why people need to halt the diversion of public money away from old fashioned
atomic and fossil fuels, toward modern alternatives. We talk about proliferation,
and the fake economics of nuclear and it's many false promises.

Paul Gunter has been a critic of atomic power development for more than 30 years

Beyond Nuclear

Beyond Nuclear Fact Sheets

Canadian and American civic leaders urge feds to reject nuclear waste proposal

#22 Is Trump a cartoon character?

Dave and Kevin Webber - Sunday morning chat

#21 Dr Helen Caldicott

This week we talk to Dr H Caldicott. A vulnerability we have been too distracted
to concentrate on: Nuclear Weapons, supporting installations and atomic power plants.
Her New Book - Sleepwalking To Armageddon - is available at Amazon Indigo and Coles

Amazon - Sleepwalking To Armageddon

The New Press - Sleepwalking To Armageddon

Dr Caldicott's Books

Dr Helen Caldicott's website

#20 Understanding Al Franken and Louis C.K.

Kevin Kebber helps explain sexual bullies and defines Chooglin

Extracted from Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast:
You Worked With Cesar Romero

#19 Ontario's Nuclear is regulated by it's #1 promoter

#18 Ontario's best kept secret - Nuclear

#17 Computers at nuclear power plants in Ontario

Dave sits down with AJ the IT professional from Ontario to talk about computers, software, security - Plus upcoming hearings and public meetings

Order Potassium Iodide Pills

How I Became an Anti-Nuclear Activist with Dr. Gordon Edwards

#16 Kevin Webber is back!

Finding a balance between Trump and mix tapes

#15 Dennis Riches in Japan talks about nuclear

#14 High heels always look good after hurricanes

Information Overload
For the week of October 9th 2017

#13 I can see the USA from my house

Dave and Ian look at the U.S. impact on Canada this week

#12 Special Interview: A nuclear activist from Ontario - A.J. The IT Professional

A.J. The IT Professional from Ontario has presented at federal and other, public hearings in his community and asks the tough questions very few take the time to ask - Choices; Leaks spills and accidents

#11 Press Review with Heat Stroke

The Hottest day, in Toronto, for Sept 24 .... ever

#10 One Ring to Rule Them All, insists Kevin Webber

Kevin Webber joins us by phone.

#9 Dave and Ian with Anne Waring on Bass

Too Much Information .. this time we really mean it

#8 A chat with Dr H Caldicott

Dave Interviews Anti-Nuclear Expert Dr H Caldicott by Phone from Sydney Australia and Ian is not holding up well in the Trump Era

#7 What will happen next week

Dave and Ian chat on the eve of the eclipse


Dave and Ian catch-up on last week's Guam and Hanford news

#5 Todd Glass calls in from LA

Todd Glass set me straight on "To George Carlin" We talk about Comedy and Issues - Look for him on iTunes and for tour dates His book - The Todd Glass Situation - Simon and Schuster - Also on iTunes

#4 Cheeze Wiz colored hair

Weekly look at News Comedy and Anti-Nuclear

#3 News without comedy?

Dave and Ian - Pre Trump Vacation

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